Anonymous: Will you ever tour in America? I found you on Tumblr years and years ago via your brother's blog lol and since then I've told all of my friends about you <33

Tour in October … hell yeahhhh x

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Anonymous: Hello Rainy x I was just wondering how you are so confident and how you feel good about yourself? i struggle with believing in myself and i have no confidence in myself or my abilities. Like if someone puts me down i tend to believe that. I really admire how you're very confident with your style and choices? very inspiring person rainy / take care and continue being lovely

I think you have to always use people putting you down as a motivator. I know its hard but start small like everyday remind yourself of whats good about you and what you’re good at even if its only a few things don’t forget them and work on those and then work on your weaker areas,don’t let them get you down, use them as inspiration, enjoy the fact that you have spaces within yourself that you have to fill. You literally have to believe in yourself to the point where you’re almost deluded . X

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Anonymous: This reality is completely synchronized and there is a consciousness that speaks in symbols in are reality through colors,body language,shapes,numbers,placement of objects etc. Its the shadow behind in are own language that speaks through us if decoded in the right brain. I don't know if its a entity or a product of a collective unconscious.

Ok I deffo gotta read through this a couple times…

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Anonymous: Hi Rainy, what's your daily make-up products and routine, I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!

Awww you sweetie

Benifit Oxygen Wow foundation in shade Champagne

Mac mineral bronzer in shade Dark

Nars blusher in shade orgasm or mac in shade pink swoon

Mac lip liner shade Nice and Spicey

Nars lipgloss shade gold digger or turkish delight

these are my all time favourites 

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Anonymous: I think your going to learn and grow alot in your lifetime Rainy, the reason i say that is because travel seems to be a major part of your music videos, walking around, bus, bike ride, car ride, space man are all indicators of 'a journey' and phones and mobiles are indicators of communication and communication with oneself honestly opens the way for self discovery and growth. hope that helps you

Thanks I’m so excited to see even more than what I already have in my 18 years x

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birchyio: played uneasy and the other way all day. happy to have you sing and write rainy

Awwww thanks so much for appreciating what I’ve made x

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Anonymous: I will do... Thanks for being honest


Aug 12 18:11
Anonymous: when do you leave san francisco?

I’ve already gone… I miss it sooooo much. If you live there make sure you appreciate it everyday x

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Anonymous: Fuck you and your already dead species

Shut the FUCK up!

Aug 12 11:26
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