Anonymous: Hi Rainy, just wanted to ask what your story is? just out of curiosity, like how did you get the opportunity to make music, videos, travel the world etc. Did you go to school? haha sorry for the over load of questions! just so intrigued by you :) <3


I grew up in a single parent family in south east London housing association home, my mum did everything she could for me, my little bro  and sister (my mum is amazing). I always loved writing poems and one day realised mixing my poems with melodies could make a song and that felt to me like I had reinvented the wheel.

I was bored one day typed in free jazz instrumentals on youtube (because i was into jazz and hiphop because thats mostly the music my mum played in the house) and found the backing to what is now my song ‘Bout You I wrote it sat on my bed in about 30 minutes and then months later recorded it in a friend of mines house.

For a while I had been friends on tumblr with a guy who lived in LA and we became close writing to each other everyday and I showed him my song bout you, he passed it on to his boss who happened to be G who owns 424 on fairfax and then he passed it onto his wife who Is now my manager, she loved bout you brought me out to cali, gave me the chance to record my mixtape Limey in a vintage recording studio in the Bay area which I then released for free download and then soon after that I was signed and started recording my debut album…

So its all a pretty fucking crazy and very lucky and unbelievable chain of events. 

I owe everyone who believes in me and helps me everyday so much.. X

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